Yuko Kikuchi

Porcelain Painting Artist & Teacher

Japanese. Currently living in Stuttgart, Germany.

I spent my childhood moving around in Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles. Those times gave me to enjoy the cultural difference and also to respect people from different background. At the same time those experiences gave me to reflect myself as a Japanese born in a traditional beautiful culture. Country where people appreciate fine delicate sense of beauty.

After graduating an university with bachelor of Law, I started working as an accountant and controller in a global manufacturing company. While having the valuable and fruitful experience in these careers I also started to search for something I can originally create and dedicate myself as a life work. The ultimate objective, my dream was to contribute my self to other people from something I can originally produce myself. I recalled from my childhood, and realized that I had great liking to detailed handcrafts, decoration and arts. It was kind of a journey, to find out what I can really dedicate myself. I started to look into botanical art, learn jewelry design, and other decoration crafts anything that interests me.

After those certain period of time, I finally met the porcelain painting art in 2008. Since then, my activity as being a painter has started. My heart was captured as soon as I started learning porcelain painting. I became very eager to learn the beautiful handcraft professionally. The passion even driven me to challenge the most intensive professional course given from one of the most famous porcelain artist and teacher, late Mr.Uwe Geissler, who used to be a Meissen painter. Eventually I became the first and last student which he had given the personnel lesson from the very basic skill based on his perspective on art.


Late Mr.Uwe Geissler. In his Studio near Cologne, year 2008

At the same time I have learned the gold painting skill from Ms.Margret Pitzler, who used to be a painter in Furstenburg.


Ms.Margret Pitzler. Near Cologne, year 2008

After coming back from Germany, I have started my original art work. With the back ground as being Japanese and learning European traditional art and culture, my concept on art pieces are to harmonize the both culture. My origin comes from the Japanese culture that people appreciate the nature and sensitive beauty in heart of people, yet the designs are also based on the delicate European sense of art.